Rivera Venus 6 35w 1x12" All Tube Electric Guitar Combo

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Check out this highly desirable Rivera Venus 6 all tube guitar amplifier hand built in California USA. Designed with magnificent tone and cool running in mind, the Venus 6 embodies the Rivera ideal of fabulous sound with outstanding reliability.

 As soon as you snap this amp out of standby, you can feel it - we're talking incredible responsiveness: spongy, creamy feel, bouncy dynamics, a sweet top end, and a seamless transition between spanky cleans and the onset of filth. Dig in and the amp snarls with harmonic-laden vengeance. Lighten your touch and the Venus 6 curls up and purrs. Slash a power chord and the Venus 6 reaches out and smacks you right in the face.

Key Features

  • 35w Class “A” powered by a quartet of 6V6’s and 12AX7 preamp tubes
  • 2 Channels with Boosts on each channel
  • Footswitchable and assignable reverb
  • Fully buffered, footswitchable effects loop
  • Adjustable idle current lets you optimize for new tubes
  • Upgraded with USA Warehouse Custom ET65 1x12" Speaker
  • Hand-crafted in Rivera's Burbank, California factory

Our Pre-Owned stock is fully serviced and professionally set up prior to sale to ensure maximum playability and customer satisfaction.

Though we endeavour to offer an accurate description and representation of condition there may be signs of age or former use which are not described or easily highlighted in the above images. Please contact us if you require any further appraisal or details prior to purchase.