Gibson Les Paul 1959 'Murphy' Reissue

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Pre-Owned 2001 Gibson Les Paul 1959 Reissue (LPR9) officially pre-aged by Tom Murphy. Complete outfit with case, COA and tags.

2001 is regarded as a very special year for ‘RLP9’s. A mere 1,000 guitars were produced; 500 for the US and 500 for the rest of the World. Of this limited number only select examples were handed to Tom Murphy to apply his ground-breaking pre-ageing process.

Serial Number  9 1153 is one of the few R9’s to receive the bespoke work from Tom personally.  Research reveals other 2001 examples claiming to be ‘Murphy Aged’. However, the only way to be sure is to have Tom certify ‘his’ work. This fabulous '59 is supplied in its entirety with official attestation.

 This extraordinary guitar is totally captivating. It exudes quality and character as soon it’s encountered, supplying the elements pursued by true Les Paul aficionados.

Condition: Excellent with no alterations or modifications. Complete with original case, Certificate of Authenticity and booklets, tags etc.

Year 2001
Model LPR-9
Weight 9.0 lbs / 4 kgs